New Association make distinct and future-facing visual identities and websites.

Various exhibiton flyers for Signal
Various exhibition Instagram stories for Signal
Custom gloves for Signal
Logotype for Holbrook Workshop
Business cards for Holbrook Workshop
01/08 Website for motion designer Joyce N. Ho.
Development by David Muirhead.
02/08 Various exhibiton flyers for Signal, an ongoing curatorial project.
03/08 Various Instagram stories for Signal, an ongoing curatorial project.
04/08 Custom gloves for Signal, an ongoing curatorial project.
05/08 Website for photographer Nicholas C. Eckhardt.Visit
06/08 Logotype for Holbrook Workshop.
07/08 Business cards for Holbrook Workshop.
08/08 Website for artist Bryce Anderson.Visit

Our design practice is international, flexible and contemporary. Through a digital-first approach, we create visual identities and websites that are distinct and future-facing.

We’re a small team with over ten years experience in art, design and publishing. Founded by Julian Hutton and Fraser Stanley, NA is an independent studio based in Melbourne that works across local and international projects.

To talk about a potential project or to find out more, get in touch:

Level 1, Suite 12
208 Sydney Road
Brunswick VIC 3056

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